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Skin, Our Living Canvas: Online Course

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  • Anatomy of the Skin 

Gain a thorough understanding of the composition of our Living Canvas.

  • How Micropigmentation Really Works 

Be able to explain in detail all that occurs during and after a PMU and tattoo treatment.

  • How Pigment Behaves as it Enters the Skin 

Learn the cascade of events that takes place in the process of micropigmentation, including what happens in the long-term with pigment particles in the skin and body.

  •  The Significance of the Optical Properties of the Human Skin

Be able to distinguish conventional colour theory from the scientific determination of skin undertones in order to accurately assess clients and plan successful treatments.

  •  The Immune System and its Representation in Micropigmentation

Come to know the intricacies of the role of the immune system in Micropigmentation to make more precise predictions about retention and prescribe individualized post-care regimens.

  •  Placement and Depth Based on Skin Tone and Texture

Have a renewed confidence in executing a Micropigmentation procedure by applying course concepts to the execution of Micropigmentation treatments, based on accurate assessments.

  •  The Autonomic Nervous System 
The Critical Phases of the Wound Repair Process 
Wounds, Inflammation and Lymph and their Effect on Pigment and Healing 
  • Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients Advisable to Avoid During and Post Procedures & Why to Go Natural.