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VIDEO PRACTICE: Skin Our Living Canvas: Life Within the Dermatological Barrier

Elevate Your Micropigmentation Practice with this Highly Detailed, In-Depth Skin Fundamentals Course on "The Living Canvas"  


 Life on earth would not be possible without our dermatological barrier. It is essential for human survival. The first thing to know and remember always is that our skin is alive!!  The skin is a breathing, responsive, dynamic organ in a continuous state of regeneration and change and the only limit to those who work with it is a lack of understanding of what occurs when it is manipulated.



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Every single milimeter of the skin, the body's largest organ, is alive! It is reacting to senses every single moment of the day throughout your entire life. It is the primary barrier providing protection from all manner of invasion, no matter how microscopic. When in good health, it is exceedingly successful at its primary task.

A Micropigmentation Artist cannot be without a deep foundational knowledge and understanding of the canvas they are working on. What happens when we perform the art of Micropigmentation? What actually occurs on and beneath the skin tissue?  

It is no secret an artist's biggest challenge is the proper knowledge of skin types, tones, textures, choosing the right colours, and pigment retention. There is a great deal of misinformation related to such challenges.  

Furthermore, how well do we understand dermal wounds and post care? Consider things like skin texture changes and bleeding or the impact on our cellular DNA from many of the products routinely used in our work.

How pigment placement and depth differs on certain areas of the skin from client to client, ultimately defines the finished work. Why do some treatments last longer than others and why?  

Many artists struggle in these areas and it is almost entirely because of a lack of understanding of the anatomy of the human skin and how it reacts to the act of Micropigmentation.

Next to blood borne pathogens, a comprehensive course about the skin, our living canvas, is the most crucial component of the best possible Micropigmentation education you can receive. The perpetuation of falsehoods and misunderstanding has left large holes in our industry overall.

This course will deliver a truly eye-opening, deep learning experience that will elevate every aspect of an artist's skill.

You will unlearn some previously unargued truths that have been unintentionally passed down that have kept you “stuck”. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the beautiful and incredibly complex canvas you are so fortunate to work on in your career. Most importantly, you will emerge with a new level of confidence in your art and your ability. Consider what that confidence means to your clients. When they hear you speak about the intricacies of the skin and sense your innate intuition and passion about their own skin, word will quickly spread.

It isn't often that a career so miraculously marries art with science in such a way that it changes lives, restores confidence, and boosts self esteem.

The science of the it the missing link for you?  Together, let's correct that once and for all!



Course Outline:  Participants will Learn 

  • Anatomy of the Skin 

Gain a thorough understanding of the composition of our Living Canvas.

  • How Micropigmentation Really Works 

Be able to explain in detail all that occurs during and after a PMU and tattoo treatment.

  • How Pigment Behaves as it Enters the Skin 

Learn the cascade of events that takes place in the process of Micropigmentation, including what happens in the long-term with pigment particles in the skin and body.

  •  The Significance of the Optical Properties of the Human Skin

Be able to distinguish conventional colour theory from the scientific determination of skin undertones in order to accurately assess clients and plan successful treatments.

  •  The Immune System and its Representation in Micropigmentation

Come to know the intricacies of the role of the immune system in Micropigmentation to make more precise predictions about retention and prescribe individualized post-care regimens.

  •  Placement and Depth Based on Skin Tone and Texture

Have a renewed confidence in executing a Micropigmentation procedure by applying course concepts to the execution of Micropigmentation treatments, based on accurate assessments.

  •  The Autonomic Nervous System 
The Critical Phases of the Wound Repair Process 
Wounds, Inflammation and Lymph and their Effect on Pigment and Healing 
  • Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients Advisable to Avoid During and Post Procedures & Why to Go Natural. 


Students will have 5 days of access and will receive a Skin Anatomy Certification & Full Skin Anatomy Diagram upon completion.

Course Length 1.5 Hours